Working with Words - Gairns Ruth

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Working with Words - Gairns Ruth
AutorGairns Ruth
Počet stran210
Rok vydání1986
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Anotace: To je praktická příručka pro učitele zaměřená na vhodný vyběr a výklad a osvojování si slovní zásoby pro všechny úrovně studentů. Popis: This is a practical guide for teachers on how to select, organise and teach vocabulary to all levels of students. It discusses the linguistic and psychological theories relevant to vocabulary learning, describes with clear examples traditional and current methods of presentation and practice, and suggests ways of assessing and supplementing the vocabulary component of coursebooks. Working with Words is an ideal resource book for practising teachers and teachers in training.Contents: Acknowledgements; Preface; Part I. Words: Their Meanings and Forms: 1. Language awareness activities; 2. Words and their meanings; 3. Words and their forms; Part II. Principles in Learning and Teaching Vocabulary: 4. Decisions about content; 5. How the learner discovers meaning; 6. Memory and written storage; Part III. Classroom Activities: 7. Using visual aids; 8. Using authentic reading texts; 9. Teacher designed contexts and the use of the dictionary; 10. Speaking activities; 11. Games, questionnaires and problem solving; Part IV. Vocabulary in Course Books: 12. Vocabulary in course books; Key; Bibliography; Index.