Transcribing the Sound of English - Tench Paul

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Transcribing the Sound of English - Tench Paul
AutorTench Paul
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Rok vydání2012
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Anotace: Máte strach z přepisu a neznámých symbolů? Tato kniha je určena pro studenty lingvistiky a fonetiky, nabízí didaktický přístup ke studiu jazyka, přepisu slov, rytmu a intonacei v angličtině. Popis: Do you have a fear of transcription? Are you daunted by the prospect of learning and handling unfamiliar symbols? This workbook is for students who are new to linguistics and phonetics, and offers a didactic approach to the study and transcription of the words, rhythm and intonation of English. It can be used independently or in class and covers all the pronunciation details of words, phrases, rhythm and intonation. Progress is deliberately gentle with plenty of explanations, examples and 'can't go wrong' exercises. In addition, there is an associated website with audio recordings of authentic speech, which provide back-up throughout. The audio clips also introduce students to variations in accents, with eleven different speakers. Going beyond the transcription of words, the book also ventures into real discourse with the simplification systems of colloquial English speech, rhythm and intonation. Features: • The accompanying website includes audio examples of authentic speech and variations in accents • Aimed at undergraduates who are new to linguistics and phonetics • Includes explanations, examples and 'can't go wrong' exercises to test students understanding