Teachers as Course Developers - Graves Kathleen

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Teachers as Course Developers - Graves Kathleen
AutorGraves Kathleen
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Rok vydání2014
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Anotace: Toto je kniha o tom, jak učitelé jazyků sami spíše než učební osnovy rozvíjí a realizují své vlastní kurzy. Popis: This is a book about how language teachers themselves rather than curriculum specialists develop and implement their own courses. The paperback edition illuminates the process of course development through the narratives of six ELT teachers who have designed courses in widely varying contexts worldwide. Graves provides a framework for course design and examines how these six teachers have utilized or departed from the framework in meeting the challenges of their particular situations. Each narrative is followed by an analysis and a set of tasks that direct the reader's attention to a particular aspect of the framework. Contents: 1 Teachers as course developers; 2 A framework of course design processes; 3 Designing workplace ESOL courses for Chinese health care workers at a Boston nursing home; 4 Designing a 7th grade social studies course for ESL students at an international school; 5 Designing an English for Academic Purposes course for post-graduate students in Ecuador; 6 Designing a writing component for Teen courses at a Brazilian educational institute; 7 Planning an advanced listening comprehension elective for Japanese college students; 8 A curriculum framework for corporate language programmes.