Target Score for the new TOEIC(TM) Test 2nd Edition Teacher's Book - Talcott Charles

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Target Score for the new TOEIC(TM) Test 2nd Edition Teacher's Book - Talcott Charles
AutorTalcott Charles
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Rok vydání2007
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Anotace: Druhé vydání kurzu k přípravě na zkoušku TOEIC - metodika Popis: Target Score Second edition is a preparatory course for the new TOEIC Test (Test of English for International Communication). Fully revised to meet the needs of the new TOEIC Test, this Second edition also provides effective, classroom-friendly lessons for active, communicative English.The Student's Book comes packaged with 2 Audio CDs, plus a Test Booklet with Audio CD and Answer Key.Each of the twelve units of the Student's Book focuses on one of the principal, recurrent themes of the TOEIC Test, presenting contextualised language practice and covering the settings and situations that students find in TOEIC Test questions. Each unit focuses on and provides practice for one or two grammar elements which are then linked to a complete grammar reference at the end. There is also a glossary which cross-references TOEIC Test-specific vocabulary highlighted in each unit. Learners undergo thorough exam familiarisation through revise and review tests structured as a mini-TOEIC Tests after every three units. All seven parts of the TOEIC Test are represented and complete answers and explanations are found in a detachable Answer Key in the back of the Student's Book.Qty 
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