Study Speaking 2nd Edition Audio CD

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Study Speaking 2nd Edition Audio CD
Rok vydání2004
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Anotace: Kurz je určen studentům angličtiny na středně pokročilé úrovni, kteří potřebují zlepšit své komunikační schopnosti a dosáhnout akademické úrovně. - poslechové CD Popis: Study Speaking Second Edition Study Speaking is for intermediate level and above students who need to speak English in connection with their academic work. It is intended primarily for use on language programmes preparing learners of English for study at university or college. The course is designed to improve students' speaking skills by • activating and extending their linguistic competence • increasing their confidence in using spoken English • developing their ability to analyse and evaluate spoken performance • sharpening their strategic competence in face-to-face interaction. Classroom tasks that practise skills required in the IELTS Interview module are highlighted throughout the course. The Second Edition has been comprehensively revised, restructured and extended with these new features: • a greater focus on seminar skills • a wider variety of feedback to tasks • much more comprehensive Teacher's notes at the back of the bookems Study Speaking has transcripts of the listening materials contained on the audio CD or audio cassette. Study Speaking is part of a series, Study Writing, Study Listening, Study Skills, Study Reading, Study Tasks. Second Editions of Study Skills, Listening and Reading will appear at the same time as the Second Edition of Study Speaking. The Second Edition of Study Writing will appear in late 2005. We are not planning a second edition of Study Tasks.