Study Reading 2nd Edition - Glendinning Eric H.

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Study Reading 2nd Edition - Glendinning Eric H.
AutorGlendinning Eric H.
Počet stran160
Rok vydání2004
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Study Reading is a course for learners of intermediate level or above who need to advance their reading skills for study purposes. Study Reading: * adopts a learner centred approach suitable for classroom as well as self-study use. * has clearly labelled sections which allow users to select and focus on the skills areas most appropriate to their needs. * includes authentic texts from textbooks, journals, reference works and study guides currently used in universities, colleges, and other institutions of higher learning. * encourages students to refine their reading strategies through a variety of task-based and problem-solving activities. * gives direct advice on how to improve reading efficiency. This Second edition has been updated to include not only more recent texts in the disciplines represented but also to take account of new media with the growth of on-line resources. For the first time too, activities are included for IELTS practice.