Sound Foundations - Book with audio (New TDS)

Sound Foundations - Book with audio (New TDS)
Počet stran210
Rok vydání2007
Cena s DPH s DPH1 140 Kč
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Anotace: kniha se zaměřuje na nácvik správné výslovnosti - kniha s poslechovým CD Popis: In 'Sound Foundations', Adrian Underhill provides a systematic and practical approach to helping students improve their pronunciation. The first part of the book covers pronunciation systems, including how individual sounds are made, why sounds change in connected speech and how stress and intonation affect meaning. The second part provides practical activities to help students improve their confidence and ability in spoken English. 'Sound Foundations' now includes an audio CD. This demonstrates the phoneme set of English and guides you through all the activities in the first part of the book. The CD make 'Sound Foundations' an ideal learning resource for teachers in training.
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