Snapshot elementary students book - Abbs Brian, Barker Chris

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Snapshot elementary students book - Abbs Brian, Barker Chris
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* Real Language in a real world. Real characters, real language and real, life topics appeal to your students from the start -- and keep them interested throughout the year. Activities, photostories, projects, games and pop songs bring language to life, so that your students want to communicate in English. * All the support you need. Snapshot's unique Language Booster combines a workbook with a grammar builder, so that you and your students never go short of practice material. The interleaved Teachers' Book helps you to plan lessons and includes extra activities, games and photocopiable tests. * Success for everyone. Exercises in the Language Booster are at three levels of difficulty, so that all students in mixed ability classes can be successful and enjoy learning. * Clear learning goals and frequent progress checks enable you and your students to set objective sand achieve them. * Snapshot offers two starting points: Starter for those with little or no English, Elementary for those who have learnt some English previously.
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