Scope Level 4: Class Audio CDs /3/

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Scope Level 4: Class Audio CDs /3/
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Scope is a comprehensive four-skill course for intermediate and secondary classes. It offers a challenging syllabus with a manageable amount of course material, and the objectives and learning outcomes for every lesson provide a clear framework to measure student progress. The course gives students the practical English they need for everyday communication. Vocabulary is linked to the Oxford 3000?, ensuring students learn the most useful words in English. Mixed ability support Focus on Grammar, Focus on Vocabulary and Focus on writing pages provide additional support for mixed-ability classes. Fast finisher activities provide extension material to stretch stronger students. Graded exercises in the Workbook ensure every student can practise at the right level for them. Extra graded photocopiables worksheets in the Teacher's Toolkit provide further consolidation and extension material. Tests at both Standard and Challenge level cater for every student. For students Scope provides extra practice online with Online Practice or offline with the Student's CD-ROM. There are around 200 extra activities including video clips to reinforce and extend students' learning. For teachers Teach-off the page approach reduces teacher preparation time. Vary your lessons with the huge range of flexible resources provided by the Teacher's Toolkit, including 200 photocopiables tests to support your assessment needs throughout the year, and worksheets. Scope iTools brings the Student's Book and Workbook pages to life with integrated video, songs and warm-up activities to start every lesson.