Read This! Level 3 Student's Book - Savage Alice

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Read This! Level 3 Student's Book - Savage Alice
AutorSavage Alice
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Rok vydání2010
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Read This! is a four-book reading series designed for adult and young adult ESL students at the high beginning to intermediate levels. The series helps students develop reading fluency by having them read and interact with high interest, content-rich texts containing fascinating information written in an accessible narrative style. It is a stepping stone for students who are on track to read in English at higher levels for academic purposes. The readings and approach are also appropriate for students who are not on an academic track, but want to improve their reading ability in English and overall language proficiency. The readings tie in with academic subject areas and the accompanying pedagogic tasks aid reading comprehension skills, critical thinking skills, and the development of both content-specific and general academic vocabulary knowledge. Each Student's Book is supported by a Teacher's Manual with unit tests and a student Web site with fun WebQuests.