Pronunciation for Advanced Learners of English Audio CDs (3) - Brazil David

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Pronunciation for Advanced Learners of English Audio CDs (3) - Brazil David
AutorBrazil David
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Rok vydání2011
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Anotace: Kniha se zaměřuje na nácvik výslovnosti na pokročilé úrovni - tři poslechová CD Popis: This pronunciation material is suitable for all advanced students and teachers of English who want to improve their understanding and competence in spoken English. It takes a discourse-based approach to the study of English pronunciation and intonation, encouraging learners to examine the sound system of English within the context of connected speech. Pronunciation for Advanced Learners of English provides: * meaningful practice activities interspersed with clear explanations of discourse intonation theory * a Teacher's Book which gives useful background information and supportive teaching notes * a key in both the Student's and Teacher's Books making the material suitable for guided self-access * a cassette containing clear models and extracts for comprehension/analysisContents: Introduction; Unit 1: Step by step; Unit 2: Help!; Unit 3: What's new?; Unit 4: Finding out and making sure; Unit 5: Who is in charge?; Unit 6: When to take control; Unit 7: An urban myth; Unit 8: Can you explain to us?; Unit 9: Reading the news; Unit 10: General revision unit; Key; Tone units for practising particular sounds; Glossary.