Professional Development for Language Teachers PB - Richards Jack C.

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Professional Development for Language Teachers PB - Richards Jack C.
AutorRichards Jack C.
Počet stran214
Rok vydání2005
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Anotace: Profesní rozvoj učitelů jazyků zkoumá deset různých technik, které mohou být použity k usnadnění profesní rozvoje ve výuce jazyků. Popis: Professional Development for Language Teachers examines ten different techniques that can be used to facilitate professional development in language teaching. These effective teaching tools are: self-monitoring, support groups, journal writing, classroom observation, teaching portfolios, analysis of critical incidents, case analysis, peer coaching, team teaching, and action research. The book begins with a conceptual framework for professional development. All chapters contain practical examples in the form of vignettes written by teachers using the techniques, as well as reflection questions to help readers apply the approach in their own teaching context. This practical guide will be extremely useful for teachers and administrators and is suitable for adoption in MA TESOL programs.