Oxford Wordpower Dictionary 4th Edition + CD

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Oxford Wordpower Dictionary 4th Edition + CD
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Level: Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate (B1-B2) Age Range: Secondary - Adult

The dictionary that gets results by developing writing skills and building vocabulary.

New 4th edition of the best-selling Oxford Wordpower Dictionary with a new intermediate level Oxford iWriter and Oxford Writing Tutor (with CD-ROM version), new notes to help with exam preparation, and two free online practice tests for PET or FCE.

  • NEW Over 500 new words including internship, phishing, ringtone
  • NEW Topic Notes added on social networking, blogs, podcasts etc, giving information on particular topic, as well as extending vocabulary with related words and phrases
  • NEW 30 Exam Tips
  • NEW 16-page Writing Tutor helps students plan, write and review their written work
  • Oxford 3000 keywords - the most important words to know in English - clearly marked
  • Help Notes provide information to help students avoid errors
  • Photos clarify difficult words or show the difference between similar words
  • 16 pages of colour illustrations show words in topic groups to build vocabulary

NEW Oxford iWriter on CD-ROM

  • Prepares intermediate (B1-B2) students with the help they need to plan, write and review different types of writing, including essays, articles, reviews, letters and emails
  • Includes models for each task type, showing structure, notes and sample content
  • Provides advice on choosing the right language, how to use language to sound more formal, or to avoid repetition

Oxford Wordpower CD-ROM

  • Search the complete A-Z dictionary
  • Look up words you know in Wordfinder to discover words you don't know
  • Use Topics to view words in topic sets, such as computing, the environment
  • Hear spoken British and American pronunciation of all the words
  • Use the Genie to look up words when online or using a Word document
  • NEW Two free online practice tests (PET or FCE) on www.oxfordenglishtesting.com
  • NEW iGuide, an interactive tutorial to help students explore dictionary entries.
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