Oxford Read and Discover Camouflage Activity Book - H. Geatches

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Oxford Read and Discover Camouflage Activity Book - H. Geatches
PodnázevLevel 2
AutorH. Geatches
Počet stran16
Výška21 cm
Šířka14,7 cm
Tloušťka0,4 cm
Platnost akce2099-12-31
Druh sortimentuKniha
Rok vydání2013
VazbaBrožovaná bez přebalu lesklá
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Non-fiction graded reader series with cross-curricular content for primary – supports CLIL

Series Editor: Hazel Geatches
CLIL Adviser: John Clegg

New non-fiction graded readers for primary – 8-year-olds and up. Cross-curricular topics and colour photos make learning English through other subjects exciting. Two new levels for younger or lower-level students forthcoming.

These motivating non-fiction readers are rich in content and beautifully illustrated. Fascinating information in carefully graded language appeals to a broad range of students and supports English across the curriculum, making the series perfect for CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning).

Stunning colour photos, maps, diagrams and charts support understanding, while activities and projects develop language and critical thinking skills.

Key Features:

  • Wide range of cross-curricular topics in graded English
  • Attractive photos, charts and diagrams help understanding
  • In every book: activities and projects for language and learning skills
  • Flexible design allows both free reading and supported reading
  • Picture Dictionary (levels 3 and 4) and Glossary (levels 5 and 6) offer extra support
  • Audio in both American and British English
  • Excellent teacher materials

Also available for each reader:

  • Activity Book
  • Audio CD Pack (Reader & Audio CD)
  • Teacher's Notes & CLIL guidance at www.oup.com/elt/readanddiscover

The Activity Book includes 16 pages of chapter-linked activities followed by after-reading whole book activities and a book review; focus on content, vocabulary, and grammar.

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