Objective First 3rd Edition - Class Audio CDs (2) - Capel Annette

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Objective First 3rd Edition - Class Audio CDs (2) - Capel Annette
AutorCapel Annette
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Rok vydání2012
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Anotace: Třetí vydání anglického kurzu určeného k přípravě na zkoušku FCE - poslechové CD Popis: Objective First is an updated and revised edition of the best-selling First Certificate in English course. It combines thorough and systematic exam preparation for Cambridge English: First, also known as First Certificate in English (FCE), with language work designed to improve students' overall English level. The Teacher's Book offers complete support with time-saving ideas, including a Teacher's Resources CD-ROM with regular progress tests and a complete authored practice test. The Workbook provides further practice of language and vocabulary introduced in the Student's Book, as well as including an Audio CD with listening exam practice. The CD-ROM provides more language and exam practice in the form of interactive activities. Also available are Practice Test Booklets for the new Cambridge English: First for Schools exam, which launched in March 2011 and puts the internationally recognised First Certificate within the reach of school-aged learners. Key Features: • Twenty-four short units offer a fun, fast-paced approach to learning. • 'Writing folders' develop the full range of writing skills needed for the Cambridge First exam - an area many Cambridge English: First candidates find challenging. • 'Exam folders' provide helpful advice for each part of the exam so that candidates are reassured that they will know what to expect in the exam and how best to tackle it. • Regular revision units recycle grammar and vocabulary practising language and keeping it fresh. • The Student's Book CD-ROM provides optional extra language and vocabulary practice, familiarisation with Cambridge English: First exam format, and fun new interactive activities. • The course draws upon the Cambridge English Corpus to provide examples of authentic and up-to-date English, and highlight areas of the exam that students find most challenging. • Vocabulary sections are informed by English Profile which ensures students learn the language expected of them at B2 level. • A Teacher's Resources CD-ROM provides extra test materials, including progress tests and a Cambridge English: First practice test so that progress can be assessed.