Meanings and Metaphors Book - Lazar Gillian

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Meanings and Metaphors Book - Lazar Gillian
AutorLazar Gillian
Počet stran141
Rok vydání2003
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Anotace: Kniha Meanings and Metaphors obsahuje sbírku aktivit zaměřených na procvičování slovní zásoby. Kniha je určena studentům na středně pokročilé úrovni a výše Popis: Meanings and Metaphors contains a lively collection of vocabulary activities which will open up the world of figurative language to students of intermediate level and above. Each of the 34 photocopiable units has a clear step-by-step lesson plan for the busy teacher which includes a useful background information section for extra support. All the words and expressions included in the book have been checked against the Cambridge International Corpus to ensure that they are relevant, up-to-date and useful to the students. The material in Meanings and Metaphors can be used to supplement most course books and is suitable for a wide range of teaching environments.ContentIntroduction; 1. What is figurative language?: Metaphors and Similies;2. The heart of the matter: Parts of the body; 3. Playing the game: Games and sport; 4. Time to spare: Time and money; 5. A warm welcome: Weather; 6. Taking steps: Life as a journey; 7. A recipe for success: Cooking and tastes; 8. Fabulous fables: Stories with metaphorical meanings; 9. Ups and downs: Describing feelings; 10. Running like clockwork: Machines; 11. Branching out: Plants; 12. Getting the green light: Colours; 13. Opening doors: Parts of buildings; 14. As free as a bird: Common similes; 15. Marketing your metaphors: Advertising; 16. A bird in the hand: Sayings; 17. Mix me a metaphor: Poems; 18. Selling with similes: Inventing similes; 19. Shedding light on the matter: Light and dark; 20. Plain sailing: Games and sport; 21. Rising to the top: 'Up' and 'down'; 22. Infectious laughter: Health and illness; 23. Facing up to it: Parts of the body; 24. Horsing around: Animals; 25. Food for thought: Cooking and food; 26. In a nutshell: Origins of idioms; 27. Keeping your cool: Temperature; 28. Rough diamonds: Describing people; 29. Persuasion: Advertising; 30. Breezing through: Weather; 31. Pictures in the mind: Descriptive writing; 32. Ripples and sparks: Water and fire; 33. Learning is juggling: Analogies; 34. The long night of captivity: Metaphors in rhetoric; Extension and revison activities; Student record sheet