MC New Headway Beginner Class 2xCassette - John a Liz Soars

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MC New Headway Beginner Class 2xCassette - John a Liz Soars
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A foundation course in basic English for zero-English beginners. Six-level general English course for adults The world's best-selling adult English course - a perfectly-balanced syllabus, strong grammar focus, and full support at all six levels. Each unit covers language input - language focus, vocabulary, spoken English - and skills development (reading, speaking, listening, and writing) to create a complete syllabus for students. Throughout the book, Music of English and Spoken English help students' speaking. These features show learners how to use tone, stress, and informal phrases to express the right meaning and sound natural in conversation. Key features New Headway Beginner is aimed at absolute beginners, or those who have learned a little English but lack the confidence to build on it. It provides a solid foundation for New Headway Elementary. Its measured, step-by-step approach builds both skills and confidence. The right mix of language work and plentiful practice material enables learners to consolidate their knowledge of key points before proceeding further. The clearly defined grammatical syllabus includes past, present and future time and provides a thorough basis on which to build. The presentation of new language is gradual, methodical and clearly structured, giving learners a clear sense of progression. The vocabulary syllabus focuses on high-frequency survival terms and avoids overload. The gradual introduction of simple skills work with manageable communicative activities give learners a sense of achievement. 'Everyday English' practises social expressions in common situations and shows how learners can apply their knowledge in practical ways.
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