Materials Development in Language Teaching 2nd Edition PB - Tomlinson Brian

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Materials Development in Language Teaching 2nd Edition PB - Tomlinson Brian
AutorTomlinson Brian
Počet stran472
Rok vydání2011
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Anotace: Kniha nabízí přehled vývoje teoretických principů a výukových materiálů, které je možné využít ve třídách Popis: Materials Development in Language Teaching aims to help readers apply current theoretical principles and research findings to the practical realities of developing and exploiting classroom materials. The authors also suggest new ideas and directions in materials development, which readers can pursue for themselves. This book is accessible to readers with little previous experience in the field, and is essential reading for all those involved in developing materials for language teaching. In the second edition of this highly popular title, each chapter has been comprehensively revised and updated to take into account both recent research and the significant technological developments since the first edition was published in 1998. Two new chapters have been added to assess the potential of electronic media for materials development. These chapters include an overview of the technologies available, as well as individual case studies and activities.