Little Bugs 1 - Pupil's Book - Read Carol

Little Bugs 1 - Pupil's Book - Read Carol
AutorRead Carol
Počet stran79
Druh sortimentukniha
Rok vydání2013
Cena s DPH s DPH388 Kč
Skladem 1 ks
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Children will love learning with the Bugs - Colin the Caterpillar and his friends: Butterfly, Bee, Ladybird and Snail. Little Bugs is a new two-level story-based course for primary children (ages 6-8). It provides a motivating starting point for children who are either learning English for the first time or who have done an initial course. Little Bugs develops interest and enjoyment in learning English and promotes an active desire in children to communicate in English. The new language is contextualised in stories to give pleasure and confidence in learning English, while the fun and easy-to-use craft activities help children to learn by doing.
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