Inspiration 3&4 Test CD - Spratt Mary

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Inspiration 3&4 Test CD - Spratt Mary
AutorSpratt Mary
Počet stran7474
Rok vydání2007
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Inspiration is a fresh new four-level course designed to take teenagers (13-16 year olds) from beginner to intermediate level. Packed with activities, Inspiration offers the perfect balance between teaching the grammar points and practising the target language in a communicative context. Key features The topic-led syllabus integrates distinct grammatical, lexical, pronunciation skills and learner independence syllabi. Careful attention is paid to skills development in the main lessons and the Integrated Skills lesson in each unit. The approach to grammar is clearly structured, and controlled practice leads to fluency activities where students apply the target grammar in communicative situations. Inspiration Extra! sections contain Revision and Extension exercises to cater for differences in ability. These pages also offer creative project work, songs, games, puzzles, tongue twisters and sketches to act out. Culture sections gain students' interest, build cross-cultural awareness and encourage discussion. Review sections at the end of every two units give regular opportunities for revision and self-assessment progress checks. A detailed grammar summary is given at the back of the Student's Book. A staged programme of tasks develops students' writing skills. The Integrated Skills lessons also focus on the development of learner independence.
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