IELTS Introduction Student's Book - McCarter Sam

IELTS Introduction Student's Book - McCarter Sam
AutorMcCarter Sam
Počet stran175
Rok vydání2012
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Anotace: Zbrusu nový kurz určen speciálně pro studenty, kteří chtějí skládat zkoušku IELTS. - učebnice Popis: Level: IELTS Bands 3 to 4 IELTS Introduction is a brand new course designed specifically for low-level students wishing to take the IELTS exam. The 12 units aim to train students within an IELTS band of 3-4 in the skills required. Each unit contains a wide range of IELTS tasks, with exercises aimed at developing listening skills, speaking skills, reading skills as well as providing extensive writing practice; all of the material any beginner level student will need for IELTS success! The book adopts a guided, step-by-step approach to tasks so that lower-level students are gently introduced to what is needed in the IELTS exam. There are shorter reading passages and listening tasks with IELTS-type questions to familiarise students with what to expect in the exam. The Student's Book is also complemented with IELTS Introduction Study Skills which includes an audio CD and extra tests for additional exam practice. KEY FEATURES • Essential IELTS task tips • Exam information and 'strategy boxes' • Exam-linked Study Skills sections • Collocation exercises • Increased focus on speaking skills • Model answers for each writing task