Footprints All levels - Finger Puppet - Read Carol

Footprints All levels - Finger Puppet - Read Carol
AutorRead Carol
Rok vydání2008
Cena s DPH s DPH499 Kč
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Anotace: dvě atraktivní, multi-barevné loutky k šestidílnému kurzu Footprints jsou určeny především pro úrovně Footprints 1 a Footprints 2 Popis: The pack of two attractive, multi-coloured puppets is designed for levels one and two of the Footprints course. The puppets represent the two magical, mischievous, minature course characters, Pip and Squeak. Made out of soft material, the finger puppets are so easy to manipulate it's possible to pick things up and even write on the board while wearing them. They are strongly differentiated in colour and shape and the children can easily identify them, even in large classrooms.'Twenty ways to use the finger puppets', provides more ideas for using the finger puppets, in addition to those included in the teaching notes for each unit.