First Friends 2nd Edition 2 Class Book - Iannuzzi Susan

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First Friends 2nd Edition 2 Class Book - Iannuzzi Susan
AutorIannuzzi Susan
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Rok vydání2018
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First Friends 2nd Edition has all the popular features of the first edition that teachers love: an easy-to-follow structure, successful methodology, cultural suitability and rich resources. Plus it now has an expanded vocabulary syllabus, values lessons in every unit, practical cross-curricular lessons that link in with other subjects and engaging activities to improve critical thinking skills. Use with Little Friends for a three-level pre-primary course or to underpin Family and Friends 2nd Edition to make a nine-level course. Extended core vocabulary syllabus so pupils can achieve more Systematic phonics syllabus presented through catchy songs Enhanced values strand to help children learn social skills Practical cross-curricular lessons that link with other subjects Engaging activities to improve critical thinking skills Clearer design with more photos to make a stronger connection to the real world New Student MultiROM with games to learn and practise at home
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