Feeding Your Baby Day by Day : From First Tastes to Family Meals - Wilcock Fiona

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Feeding Your Baby Day by Day : From First Tastes to Family Meals - Wilcock Fiona
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From first tastes to family meals Starting out with purees, wondering about baby-led weaning, or searching for meal ideas as your baby grows? Look no further for all the answers you need. With a visual approach that instantly shows you what food to prepare, and baby food recipes for every single meal, weaning can be simple. Easy-to-follow, age-appropriate meal plans will take you through the first year and beyond, as your baby learns to enjoy the tastes and textures of family meals while receiving all the necessary nutrients. Packed with over 200 baby food recipes, from the very first purees to family meals, Feeding Your Baby Day-by-Day guides you step-by-step from the moment you start combining breastfeeding or formula milk with purees or finger foods, through to feeding your hungry pre-schooler. The book is full of parenting guidance, from daily meal ideas and weekly plans to nutritional information and kitchen know-how. Feeding Your Baby Day-by-Day is perfect for busy parents who don't want to spend hours in the kitchen - just serve up simple tasty food that's good for your baby.
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