Face2face Advanced - Classware CD-ROM (single classroom) - Redston Chris

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Face2face Advanced - Classware CD-ROM (single classroom) - Redston Chris
AutorRedston Chris
Rok vydání2009
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face2face is a six level general English course for adults and young adults. It goes from Starter level through to Advanced. face2face Classware offers you an exciting way to use the Student's Book material in class. Whether you've got a computer and projector or an interactive whiteboard, this classroom software facilitates 'heads-up' teaching, encouraging your students to interact even more with each other - and with their learning material. As well as containing all of the lessons from the Student's Book, the video from the Student's Book CD-ROM and the class listenings plus audio scripts, the face2face Classware also includes a phoneme chart and pop-up dictionary. Comprehensive teacher's tips make sure you get the most out of this new classroom software.show more