Business English Frameworks Book - Emmerson Paul

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Business English Frameworks Book - Emmerson Paul
AutorEmmerson Paul
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Anotace: Business English Frameworks is a photocopiable resource book providing 60 frameworks covering a wide range of business topics. Intermediate to Upper-intermediate, Advanced. Popis: Business English Frameworks is a photocopiable resource book for teachers of Business English to use with in-service learners of English for business and professional purposes.The book covers a huge variety of business topics and contains 60 photocopiable frameworks, which encourage learners to talk about their own work situation in a structured way. The frameworks can be used in groups, pairs or in one-to-one teaching situations. ContentsMANAGEMENT 1. Organization structure 2. What do managers do? 3. Resources 4. Customer needs 5. Improving customer relations 6. Managing change 7. Company strategy 8. Entrepreneurs and SMEs 9. Problems, problems 10. Personal management qualities 11. The international manager 12. Business ethics: a case study SALES AND MARKETING 13. SWOT analysis 14. Market research 15. Product R&D/design 16. Product description 17. Marketing strategy 18. Limits to marketing 19. Marketing budget 20. Marketing mix: one product FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING 21. Income statement 22. Balance sheet 23. Managing cashflow 24. Company analysis 25. Investment advice PRODUCTION AND OPERATIONS 26. Production process 27. Operations growth 28. Quality management 29. Logistics and transport HUMAN RESOURCES 30. Pay and promotion 31. Job satisfaction 32. Recruitment and selection 33. Training and team-building 34. Legal obligations INTERNATIONAL TRADE 35. Trade and government policy 36. Importing 37. Exporting 38. Manufacturing location ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL CONTEXT 39. Globalization 40. Social responsibility 41. The changing workforce 42. The future of work INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY 43. IT management 44. E-commerce 45. Website management CULTURAL AWARENESS 46. Cultural "do's and don'ts" 47. Cultural values 48. Building relationships RECENT BUSINESS NEWS 49. Recent business news