Big Bugs 1 - Flashcards - Papiol Elisenda

Big Bugs 1 - Flashcards - Papiol Elisenda
AutorPapiol Elisenda
Rok vydání2005
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Big Bugs is a new four-level story-based course for primary children (ages 9-12). Big Bugs 1 and 2 provide continuity and progression by recycling and developing language learnt at the early stages of primary. There are eight story-based units with extra materials for key festivals in the year. These fascinating stories help to contextualize new language and provide opportunities for the children to communicate in English. Key features: - Eight story-based units - Three double-page revision games - A double page of stickers in the Activity Book - Four cut-out minibooks in the Activity Book - 72 full-colour Story Cards illustrating key vocabulary - 64 full-colour Flashcards to present or review new vocabulary - 64 Word Cards showing key vocabulary - Unit tests (one per unit) and three Progress Tests.