Best Laid Plans - Sheldon, Sidney

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Best Laid Plans - Sheldon, Sidney
AutorSheldon, Sidney
Počet stran352
Druh sortimentuKniha
Rok vydání1998
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He wanted power; she wanted revenge. The magnificent novel by the internationally bestselling author of The Other Side of Midnight and Morning, Noon and Night. He wanted power, she wanted revenge...'Dear Diary: This morning I met the man I am going to marry.' It was a simple enough entry in a young woman's diary which gave not the slightest portent of the elaborate chain of events that was about to occur. The Best Laid Plans tells the explosive story of the beautiful and ambitious Leslie Stewart, who learns that for some men power is the greatest aphrodisiac; and of Oliver Russell, the handsome governor of a small southern state, who finds out why hell has no fury like a woman scorned. With the unexpected twists and turns that are the hallmarks of his mega best-selling novels, Sidney Sheldon spins a tale of two equally determined people headed on a collision course. Oliver has a strategy to win the White House; Leslie has a scheme to make him wish he'd never been born. They both should have known that even the best laid plans can go dangerously a deadly dangerous way.
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