Basic Grammar in Use 3rd Ed. - Murphy Raymond

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Basic Grammar in Use 3rd Ed. - Murphy Raymond
PodnázevClassware DVD-ROM (single classroom)
AutorMurphy Raymond
Rok vydání2010
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Anotace: DVD-ROM k 3. vydání anglické gramatiky pro začátečníky zaměřené na americkou angličtinu Popis: This highly successful two-level grammar series is known for its clear explanations and innovative two-page format. Basic Grammar in Use Classware is a presentation tool that allows you to present the Student's Book pages in a lively, interactive way at the front of the classroom. Classware can be used with all types of interactive whiteboards or simply with a computer and projector. You can make each page of the Student's Book come alive by highlighting, erasing, hiding, and revealing text; making and saving your own notes; creating text boxes; drawing lines; and attaching files. You can also zoom in on explanations and exercises and connect to online dictionaries.