Backpack Starter - 2nd Revised edition - Herrera Mario

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Backpack Starter - 2nd Revised edition - Herrera Mario
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Features of the new edition: * Beautifully illustrated vocabulary tips, presentations that captivate learners * Values lesson incorporated into each unit * A complete assessment programme that includes testing tips and techniques as well as test generator software *Little Books (Starter-3), Magazines (4-6) and Content Readers (1-6) with Teacher's Manuals motivate readers * Interleaved Teacher's Edition includes step-by-step lessons and a wealth of teaching options * Workbooks, large format Posters and Picture Cards reinforce and extend language and grammar * Phonics and Writing handbooks in Levels 1-3, Grammar Handbooks in Levels 4-6 * The Teacher's Resource Book provides pedagogical information for the teacher and many reproducible activities for students * CD-ROMs and a Companion Website provide variety and additional ideas and activities