Assessing Young Language Learners - McKay Penny

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Assessing Young Language Learners - McKay Penny
AutorMcKay Penny
Počet stran402
Rok vydání2006
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Anotace: Kniha pro učitele se zabývá otázkou hodnocení malých studentů Popis: In this book the author builds a comprehensive framework for the assessment of young language learners in both foreign language and second language learning situations. She begins by considering why we need a special book on young learner assessment, and describes the nature of young learner language learning. The assessment approach is task-based and is centred around tasks and techniques suitable for young learners, with particular emphasis on classroom assessment. Oral language assessment, and reading and writing assessment are addressed in separate chapters, as is the large-scale testing of young learners. Underpinned by sound theory, the book is full of practical guidelines, and draws on examples of assessment contexts, issues and practices from around the world. Contents: 1 A special case for young learner language assessment 2 Young learners and language learning 3 Research into the assessment of young language learners 4 Assessing language use through tasks 5 Classroom assessment of language use 6 Assessing oral language 7 Assessing reading and writing 8 Evaluating young learners' performance and progress 9 Testing young language learners through large-scale tests 10 The way forward
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