Assessing Language through Computer Technology - Chapelle Carol

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Assessing Language through Computer Technology - Chapelle Carol
AutorChapelle Carol
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Anotace: Kniha je určena těm, kteří chtějí do procesu učení zapojit počítačové techniky Popis: In 1998 and 1999, three of the largest providers of educational tests introduced computer-based versions of proficiency tests for English as a foreign language. Around the same time, many institutions began to offer Web-based tests for particular language courses and classes. These two phenomena have greatly added to the momentum of work in computer-assisted testing and mean that assessment through computer technology is becoming a fact for language learners in educational settings and therefore for teachers and researchers. This book is the first to consider the theoretical, methodological and practical issues and their implications for language-teaching professionals wishing to engage with computer-assisted assessment. It overviews the work in the field, evaluates examples of assessment though computer technology, and provides language teachers and researchers with practical guidelines for implementation.