Art Visionaries - Getlein Mark, Howard Annabel,

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Art Visionaries - Getlein Mark, Howard Annabel,
AutorGetlein Mark, Howard Annabel,
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Rok vydání2016
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This compelling book chronicles 75 of the most influential artists from the dawn of the 20th century to the present, and from around the world. Each entry provides a fascinating insight into the artist and his or her vision of what they were trying to do, while also acknowledging the lasting effect of their work. Arranged in a broadly chronological order, the book gives a sense of the impact each artist has had on the development of art practice over the last 100 years. Key dates in each artist’s career are clearly drawn out in the accompanying timeline. Through a combination of lively text and arresting visuals, this is an inspirational and wholly original guide to the artists whose vision has helped to shape the modern art world. About the Author Mark Getlein is the author of Living with Art, a best-selling introduction to art. He has helped to create several ground-breaking textbooks in art and literature, among them Art History and A History of Art in Africa. Annabel Howard has a degree in art history a Masters in Biographical writing. She has taught and lectured in museums throughout the United Kingdom and Italy, and has contributed articles to magazines including Glass, the Spectator and the White Review.
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