A - Z of ELT - Thornbury Scott

A - Z of ELT - Thornbury Scott
AutorThornbury Scott
Počet stran256
Rok vydání2007
Cena s DPH s DPH1 140 Kč
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Anotace: kniha pro učitele obsahuje abecední seznam termínů používaných při výuce anglického jazyka Popis: What is it? An Alphabetical list of terms about English Language Teaching It categorises and describes terms, explains the importance of the concepts and their relevance to English Language Teaching The entries are authoritative, clear and concise Entries are cross-referenced where relevant Who is An A-Z of ELT for? Trainee teachers for whom the terminology and concepts may be new Teachers who want to refresh of clarifty their knowledge, and to find out more about the history of teaching methodology or the various views on teaching concepts and methodology. Teacher-trainers who want to give clear definitions of terms and concepts What is in it? Clear, authoritative definitions Covers grammar, lexis, phonology, discourse, methodology, theory, practice Entries are classified (grammar, discourse, methodology, etc) and cross-referenced Scott Thornbury's clear explanations make even the most complex and confusing concepts easy to understand